In 2004, inspired by her three children’s experiences at British boarding school, Tyne began writing The Pulling Princes series which have been described as modern classics. Reviewers draw comparisons to an up to date version of Angela Brazil’s boarding school books of the early 1900’s.

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Calypso Chronicles, boarding school booksSet in a fictional Eton College where Princes William and Harry attended & the nearby St Mary’s Ascot school attended by Princess Caroline of Monaco and which Tyne’s daughter Cordelia was boarding at the time the books were written, The Pulling Princes series provides a, “deliciously naughty insider’s guide to the midnight feasts, incredibly close friendships & romances of entitled toffs, British aristocratic & royal teenagers.”

Although entirely fictional, the books accurate portrayal of the hitherto closed world of Royal teens, created feverish speculation and comparisons to actual royals and Aristocratic teens – specifically Prince William and Prince Harry – were inevitable. After a heated bidding war, Bloomsbury won the USA rights to the series at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2004. 

The books are narrated from the perspective of a fish out of water American, Calypso Kelly who goes from teased outsider –  enduring attacks on her by the British tabloids, teasing by the toffs and taunts from the Horrible Hon.s’ – before she eventually beats them at their own game and manages to not only charm all the girls but bag the Prince himself!

“If you have ever wondered what really goes on behind the locked gates of the ancient British Boarding Schools, this series holds the key.”  @BookChitChat 

“Funny exposé of It-girl school life.” ELLE GIRL UK

“Budding Anglophiles ….will soak up the flood of upper-class British culture in this book.” WASHINGTON COUNTY LIBRARY

“A Right Royal Read!” MAYFAIR TIMES 

Bloomsbury re-released the series as “Royal Match” and “Royal Mess” in 2010-11 to coincide with the Royal Wedding. 

The next instalment to the series is coming soon. Keep your eye out for the sequel, “PULLING PRINCES OXFORD”