Pulling Princes

Pulling Princes – Book 1 of The Calypso Chronicles

 Pulling Princes by Tyne O'ConnellHave you ever wondered what it would be like to escape the madness of your parental clutches and run away to boarding school?

Well I never did! My rentals decided for me. Why I couldn’t go to an ordinary school near where we live in LA instead of the posher than thou St. Augustine’s School for Ladies near Windsor in England is anyone’s guess.

Of course I was the instant school misfit.

Honestly anything that marks you out as normal in America seemed to have me branded a freak by the posh Sloanes at my school most of whom seem to be descended from royalty if not royal themselves.

After three years of being the school freak, I decided, enough was enough so…I pulled HRH himself – yes, the prince of England. And that’s when my real troubles started.

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“….Verdict: Funny exposé of It-girlschool life.” – Elle Girl UK

“A right royal read!” – Cosmo Girl UK

“Bridget Jones for the early teen set.” – Washington Post USA 

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