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British Boarding Schools – An International Educational Brand of Excellence, by Tyne O’Connell

So what’s the big attraction with boarding schools and why can’t stories of disgusting food, cold showers and cruel head masters, dilute their attraction?  How have British boarding schools (In Britain we call them Public Schools) reinvented themselves so thoroughly that children around the world are begging their parents to give up their pension funds and pack them off to England?  Is it just the PULLING PRINCES & HARRY POTTER effect?

Cricket at boarding schoolHowever happy the home life, every child dreams of running away to boarding school to escape the deathly dullness of living with one’s own controlling parents.   

Quite apart from the magic of Hogwarts or St. Augustine’s, a good British boarding school has its own special blend of far more tangible magic. From the midnight feasts and dorm room mischief to the close friendships that are impossible to build at day school and that distinctive British Public School accent, British Boarding Schools are an International Brand.  

British boarding schools enable the children that attend them, to develop a distinctive independence and self reliance that every loving parent dreams of their children acquiring. By the time they start university the British Boarding School teenager is streets ahead of their day school counterparts.

There is nothing like a good British Boarding School for equipping your children for life.  


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