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My three children all attended British boarding schools and two them went on to Oxford.  I missed them dreadfully, but they adored it and the Pulling Princes series was born out of all their stories.  Reading these books alone will give you a clear idea of what you or your children are in for.

Our fourth floor walk up flat on Mount Street Mayfair and our beach house in Malta became sleep over central for my daughter and her friends of St Mary’s Ascot.  The girls let me share in their adventures, unlocking the secrets of boarding school life while I hid my shock at the tales of mischief they got up to with the boys at nearby Eton College – where Princes William and Harry attended.

For parents considering boarding school for their own sons or daughters and girls and boys considering running away to boarding school as my own children did, I’m about to reveal everything you ever wanted to know about what it’s really like to attend a British boarding school – and at least for parents – quite probably, a few things you’d rather not know.

British Boarding school dorms

British Boarding school dorms – photo courtesy the


Advantages of Boarding School

Boarding School and Parents

Choosing a Boarding School

Missing Friends and Family

Extra Curricular Activities


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