Choosing a boarding school

How To Choose The School That’s Right For Your Son or Daughter

Your children’s education is one of those Big Life Decisions so you need to do your research. Spread your net wide. Google, visit schools, talk to other parents on the milk run to find the right school which takes place in the autumn of the year before your child’s going up.  Each school is like a little village or town; a fascinating mini-society so it’s important to find the right fit. Find the village/town your children would like to live in. 

It was apparent on the milk runs that different parents were looking for different things. We took trains to some of the schools rather than driving as it gives you an idea of the commute you’re Freddie and Flo will be taking on EXEAT’s.  Some parents were more interested in the Acedemic over the pastoral factors, some were clearly after the snob factor.  

Aristocratic Brits and European Royals have been sending their heirs to British Boarding Schools since Eton first opened it gates near Windsor Castle in 1440. Kings and Queens across Africa, the Middle East and Asia have followed suit. 

Caroline of Monaco went to St Mary’s Ascot as did my own daughter Cordelia, Princess Anne on the other hand was sent to Benenden.   Winston Churchill and the Duke of Wellington attended Harrow while Kate Middleton the present Duchess of Cambridge went to Marlborough. 

I recommend the fabulous Tatler School Guide. or if you’re in the States, you can check out the Right School website 

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