Extra Curricular Activities

Boarding Schools need to fill up student’s days and evenings so they offer a slew of extra curricular activities, such as film making clubs, fencing salles, debating societies, dressmaking, yoga, rowing. The list is exhaustive so check out the school guides.

Financials? Bursaries, scholarships and other fee saving devices are individual to each school but where there’s a will there is often a way so research and ask. 


Despite the glossy propaganda machines of private schools promising gourmet meals the food remains resolutely foul-ish. Salad bars and desert trolley’s always look better in glossy brochures than real life. Nevertheless boarders are a healthy lot so the food must be jam packed with vitamins and minerals. And of course there’s always the Common Room toaster and tuck to fall back on. Freddie and Flo will thrive. I was reassured to find that the boarding schools I researched were all very clued up about eating disorders and dangerous health zeitgeists in general. 

Single Sex or Mixed?   

There are so many issues involved here. Single sex schools will deliver better academic results and as a girl you won’t need to apply makeup every day and usually there is a sister/brother school nearby so you won’t exactly be starved for socials. Mixed schools have bad reputations (teen pregnancy, acne, STD’s etc) but one girl’s champagne is another mans beer as they say. Keep an open mind as you visit the schools and talk to the pupils. You will pick up the gossip pretty fast and know what school is right for you. 


Boarding schools have rules on drinking and smoking but they all have a zero tolerance when it comes to drugs. 

Some schools even insist on urine tests and other shenanigans. Nevertheless there are schools which have “A Reputation”. 

I’m not mentioning any specific schools but you know who you are and so does the rest of the world. Start googling, check out the Tatler School Guide – it’s on the internet http://www.tatler.co.uk/Schools/2008/ Tatler School Guide – it’s on the internet or in the USA www.rightschool.com 

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