Useful and yet Mad Latin Phrases

romain coinKiller latin one-liners to impress fit boys, Princes, exam markers and rentals alike. Try learning one a week and using it on your room-mates until you’ve mastered it then unleash it on an unsuspecting world.

ad absurdum Overdoing the piss take

ad infinitum Going on and on ad absurdum

ad nauseam Think Honey’s Fendi, think me throwing up into it.

annus mirabilis Best year ever

deus ex machina When only the most bonkeresque behaviour will sort it out

ex cathedra The word of Sister Constance

Ex post facto Asking yourself why you pulled a boy after you’ve pulled him.

in flagrante delicto caught in the act

in loco parentis House Spinsters

in situ In its place (ie when the boys lips are exactly where they should be)

in vino veritas A few vod tons and you’ll spill all

ipso facto By accepting the fact you left school grounds illegally you accept that being caught will mean the end of the world as you know it

mea culpa Blame me, even though Honey did it because I can’t take the agony of putting up with her whining about her punishment

memento mori a reminder that you must die, A catholic obsession – think Christ on his cross over Sister Constance’s desk

modus operandi Your game plan

ne plus ultra Pulling the ultimate fit boy

nota bene NB: take notice

persona non grata Plebs, chavs and peasants

pro bono Free

quid pro quo Swapping a jelly baby for some goss

sic transit gloria mundi All good things must come to an end

sine qua non Indispensable stuff like, erm your mobile

terra incognita Outside the school grounds/boys you’ve yet to pull

veni, vide, vici I came to the ball, I saw the fittest boy, I pulled him

vox populi The voice of the masses

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