Calypso’s Fantastico Guide to Midnight Feasts

Calypso and Friend’s Feverishly Fantastico Guide to Midnight Feasts

A Midnight Feast (or Moonwalk as we call them at Saint Augustine’s) is a right of passage for all PCs (which stands for Peculiar Creatures and NOT Politically Creepy).

It’s an inescapable truth that mad stuff happens during midnight feasts that doesn’t happen at any other time. Everyone opens up more and they say the most feverishly lunatic things. The combination of no grown ups, and the illicit after-lights-out-feast with your matage makes for an intoxicating combination.

Sometimes the vodka helps. And they are beyond easy too! All you need are torches, duvets, a feast of tuck and your matage to make the magic happen. Whether you pile your duvets on the floor of your room or cart them across fields for outdoor feasts under the moon and stars, they are worth the wretched punishments of blues should you be tragic enough to get caught.

Oh and did I mention, make sure you take your mobiles? There is nothing more tres, tres, tres amusing than prank calling boys with your mates on a midnight feast.

Here are a few favourite recipes for that extra sense of occasion that my friends and I like to add. I’m dying to hear all my readers midnight feast recipes too – so send them in to press@tyneoconnell.com and let me know if I can add them to the site (and give you credit of course!)

Calypso Oreo Oracles

orio buscuits   You will need: Large packet or more of Oreos Paper Scissors Permanent marker or non-toxic felt pens Preparation: Cut circles of paper the size of an Oreo biscuit and write oracles on them, you know, stuff like LOVE SUCKS CONFESS YOUR BIGGEST PULLING DISASTER DUMP HIM NOW! FIT BOY ON HORIZON DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! TXT SOMEONE NOW YOU KNOW YOU SHOULDN’T YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! HE’S NOT WORTH IT HE’S SOOO WORTH IT! Open up the Oreos and place an oracle circle between the cream and biscuit and place them back in the packet as best you can otherwise just serve them in a pile. The above oracles are my favourites, but you can make up your own, Honey once did this mad range of cruel insults, which was surprisingly funny. She got YOU’RE THIGHS NEED LIPPO NOW! Which made me laugh so hard, Oreo crumbs came out my nose.

Clem’s Babies In Blankets

jelly babies You Will Need: Jelly Babies Marshmallows – preferably pink String Liquorice – preferable red Preparation: Basically all you do is take a jelly baby and flatten a marshmallow and roll the jelly baby up in the marshmallow and then tie it up in a bow with a thin red liquorice strand. This recipe came about because Clemmie claims Jelly Baby’s remind her of her little brother Sebastian and it upsets her to see us bite their heads off. Call it deception but I can’t live without my jelly baby fix on a midnight feast.


Cuddly Whatsits

hula hoops You will need: Whatsists, hoolah hoops – or any other toxic coloured savoury snack – even crisps will do. Plastic cheese – you know that flat cheese that is wrapped in plastic. Quite fun to chuck in the air to see if it sticks to the ceiling. You can take bets or play truth and dare with cheese chucking. If it doesn’t stick you have to take a truth or dare. Preparation: Wrap a handful of whatsits in the cheese. Next best thing to pizza.

Gummy Extremes

gummy bears You will need: Gummy Bears Glass of water Preparation: Okay this is for the scientifically minded girl. A drink and a meal in one! A feverishly modern miracle of science, although heaven forbid that our science teacher would teach us anything as sensible as how to make Gummy Extremes. Like most useful bits of knowledge you have to work it out yourself. All you do is take a Gummy Bear and leave it overnight in a glass of water. And voila! The water becomes a sweet drink and the Gummy Bears swell up into life size bears (well tiny baby ones – four inches-ish). It’s the maddest thing. I’m going off to prepare one now in fact.

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