Magic and Mayhem on the Nile

Get the boys perspective on the girls perspective on the boys perspective on the girls!

Magic and mayhemAmerican teenagers Sam and Salah lead fairly uncomplicated lives. They breeze through classes at their prestigious Manhattan high school, their friends and classmates all look up to them, and they’ve never had to put much effort into attracting girls.

But when their class embarks on a field trip to Egypt, complications arise in the forms of Rosie and Octavia, two British beauties who won’t be easily charmed. Amid luscious scenes of Egyptian culture and history, these four star-crossed lovers will have to endure mistakes, missteps, and plenty of misunderstandings before they can achieve their hearts’ desires.

Told in four alternating points of view, Tyne O’Connell’s latest novel is both a fast-paced comedy-of-errors, and a heartfelt romance that proves that sometimes, the greatest complication of all is love.

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